The value of your Apple iPhone is set to plummet – and this is why

The value your device currently boasts is about to take a big hit

iPhone users are warned: the value of your smartphone is set to plunge.

The value your device currently boasts is about to take a big hit.

And who is to blame? Well, it is the manufacturer.

Apple’s upcoming event on September 12 will see as many as three new iPhone models revealed.

A study of previous iPhone launches by Envirofone reveals that the value of the iPhone 8 is expected to drop by 8% in the run-up to the new iPhone launch.

As always the official reveal will come in early September but until then the Internet is abuzz with rumors about spec, price, and design.

The iPhone X was the most expensive phone Apple has ever released coming in at £999.

With rumors suggesting the iPhone X Plus will be bigger, we can only assume that it will also be more expensive.


Word is Apple are planning to kit out the iPhone X Plus with an all-new processor called the A12, that comes with a highly powerful GPU.

This could mean that the new phone or phones will be capable of recognizing the world around it through the rear camera whilst still viewing your facial expressions from the front-facing camera.

All of the new phones will be equipped with the TrueDepth camera system meaning Face ID and Animojis are still on the table. Given the mixed reviews on Face ID so far this may not be the news you were hoping for.

    • The iPhone 7
      New Street store opening hours

    If Face ID is taking centre stage this could also mean that Apple plans to do away with touch ID completely.

    Rumors suggest we should also be expecting to see water resistance, wireless charge, and dual-SIM support – something Android has been working with for a while.

    Those that are tech minded enough to have delved into Apple code have unearthed clues suggesting the use of a stylus. This could potentially become the Apple Pencil


    There is still no official news on the colors but more reports suggest we can expect a choice of 6 different colors. Black, white, flash yellow, electric blue, bright orange, and taupe.


    Nothing is confirmed in regards to design just yet. The online buzz is that we could be getting up to three new designs in varying sizes. The first will be the same design as the iPhone X with 5.8 inch OLED display. The second will be slightly larger at 6.5 inches with the OLED display, this we believe is the iPhone X Plus. The third will be 6.1 inch LCD display, basically a full-screen version of the iPhone 8 Plus.


    At this stage, your guess is as good as ours. Logic suggests it could potentially be called iPhone 11 as this is the natural progression to iPhone X.

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