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get online in hours fast hassle free process we do everything just pay for your domain name and we do the rest. The service we provide is priceless to an up and coming business from branding to marketing.

Award Winning Performance

Hostspider Sites provide dazzling performance thanks to our server infrastructure optimized specifically for peak WordPress performance. In a 2017 independent test, Hostspider Sites beat all major WordPress hosting options on page load speeds. Plus, you’ll never face the experience of your site crashing just because you succeed in getting traffic.

Rock Solid Security

Even beyond the security features built in and our automatic update feature, there’s more to protect your Hostspider Site. Our architecture is designed to maximize security and performance — including intrusion prevention, continuous scanning and monitoring for malware, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection.

Zero “Hosting” Hassles

Not only do you enjoy the ease of use, built-in mobile themes, and superior speed with your Hostspider — you also avoid the hassle of self-hosted WordPress. Things like surprise expenses for bandwidth upcharges, storage, CPUs, and RAM. Even as your Hostspider Site remain solid during traffic spikes, you won’t pay extra for short-term success.

Easy Payment Options

We at Hostspider use an easy payment method where we work with you and your needs we understand the importance of your site and the up and downs of life.

"If we can not Google you do you really exist?"

Social media is not the internet

The problem is people build a Facebook page for their organization or business and believe that's enough it's not, Facebook is not the internet and not everybody has facebook anybody can build a page on Facebook but only one person can own a domain name if you own the domain then you own the name. Facebook likes are Facebooks likes they are not yours they might be on your posts but they are not yours.

We can securely host your existing site

Our Linux based website hosting guarantees lightning-fast loading speeds, unbeatable reliability and state-of-the-art security.

Plus unlimited bandwidth, with no hidden costs – no matter how many visitors your site has.

So that means you will have everything you need to kick off your new online business, ready for 2018.

we can improve your search visibility, increase website traffic and make more sales.

"We will beat any price for secured hosting"

Industry Leading Design Framework

hostspiders Framework already powers over 50 WordPress sites, and it’s the foundation of your new Hostspider Site. With search engine optimized code, airtight security, instant updates, customizable widget and layout options, and a huge developer community, Genesis is the framework that makes WordPress easier, without sacrificing power or flexibility.

"Beautiful design made simple with the power of Hostspiders pre-built layouts"

"we can provide all you need From bling bling to smooth and classy"

24 Mobile-Optimized HTML5 Designs

You want sleek, professional design — without paying a fortune for it and fearing instant obsolescence as web design evolves. Choose from a score of included turnkey mobile responsive and conversion optimized HTML5 designs that provide beautiful frames for your content. Personalize any of the included themes by tweaking the CSS, or go to a completely custom child theme.

Remarkably Simple Setup Process

Did we mention that Hostspider Sites is really easy to set up and use? Six steps, that’s all it takes, and you’ll have a super-fast, secure hosted website that you can count on.

Check out our quick-start guide to learn how you can go from purchase to publish in no time at all.

"user friendly customer orientated service putting you the customer first always"

Additional Fuctionality

Advanced SEO Functionality

The SEO features we provide will help make it the industry standard among WordPress users, plus our patented content analysis and optimization software is included with every Hostspider Site. We’re taking it even further, though, with advanced schema control, XML sitemap generation, robots.txt generation, asynchronous JavaScript loading, enhanced Open Graph output, breadcrumb title control, AMP support, and more.

Automatic WordPress Updates

Getting hacked is no laughing matter, and the number one way bad guys get in is through outdated themes, plugins, and old versions of WordPress. Many WordPress site owners now spend $79 or more every month to have an outside service keep things updated and safe. Hostspider technology takes care of WordPress and Genesis updates for you at no extra charge (with additional plugin update options coming soon).

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